//Veterans Sacrifices

Veterans Sacrifices

The conversation of sacrifices, coupled with the events of PTSD and the homeless epidemic has been international.

The common thread of veterans’ and their family’s sacrifices is truly global. I am honored with the opportunity to meet a Living Legend, Mr. John Richard Fielding Terry and Mr. Dereck Hardman, founder of the UK Veterans Breakfast Club at their cocoon, the Northants Breakfast Club, Wellingborough, United Kingdom on November 12th, 2016. We will meet, break bread and speak to the international epidemic of homelessness, PTSD and what veterans’ sacrifices mean to the world. This unique Safe Heaven Environment where a hug is a genuine appreciation of “I’m O.K., You Are O.K., and everything is O.K reminds me of the journey of the silence or shame the Vietnam veterans endured. We quietly hug each other and share the words “Welcome Home My Brother”. Many of us became drunks or some drug addicts as a way to fight those voices, visions, scents and tastes as what we believe to be a defense against those demons or real bad dreams. Thousands of Vietnam Veterans returned to a society that viewed us with distrust and anger, even being spat on. PTSD was known as “Shell Shock or Combat Stress. Many never mentally or emotionally came back home or spoke about their silent wounds and fought the new battles–mental issues the best way they knew how. I will also take the sacrifice conversation on the two military bases November 9th at RAF Mildenhall and 10th at RAF Lakenheath book signing events; along with book signings in Paris and Scotland, then at Fort Bragg NC North Post Exchange November 30th thru December 4th, 2016.

The first-hand accounts along with the true conversation on the struggles and sacrifices endured by the veterans, their parents, spouses, family members and caretakers from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and today’s conflict garnered 12 category #1 International Best Selling Author, acknowledgement includes: Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK, speaks to the depth of sacrifices to the world. Those conversations in “The Disabled Veteran’s Story: The Sacrifices of Our Veterans and Their Families”, are regarded as voices on the veterans’ sacrifices “an emotional rollercoaster”. Readers claimed they just could not stop reading the stories and believe every reader will see himself or herself in one or a couple of the stories, an eye opening read. The spouse who had to start over seven different times following the military member’s assignments along with their daughter changing schools nine times in twelve years, with endured bulling, are deep mental traumatic scars not often shared; many suffered silent anger or a hidden type of depression and PTSD condition which would manifest much later. The stories remind us that military families serve too; they need better support in meeting the demands of our country and their story maybe your story and should be heard. What a way to give back and hear their stories!!

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