The Forgotten Warriors at Memorial Day

  “Memorial Day” is a solemn day when the nation rightfully honors those who have given the ultimate sacrifice with a wreath at the tomb of the “Unknown Soldier”. It is hard for many of us to ignore those known soldiers or warriors on street corners, under bridges, in alleys, or under those trees in [...]

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Veterans Sacrifices

The conversation of sacrifices, coupled with the events of PTSD and the homeless epidemic has been international. The common thread of veterans’ and their family’s sacrifices is truly global. I am honored with the opportunity to meet a Living Legend, Mr. John Richard Fielding Terry and Mr. Dereck Hardman, founder of the UK Veterans Breakfast [...]

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Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Sacrifice! An emotional rollercoaster of a vivid example on the true meaning of sacrifices for the world freedom through sportsmanship has been truly a privilege shared by some. Being there, witnessing those smiles, many tears, numerous hugs and the cheers with the unconditional support for the courage of their conviction to represent the [...]

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